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Sunday, June 5, 2011

DAY 1 - Indoor Bike Riding at its finest

[ORIGINALLY POSTED THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011] OK, well, I had my first day of training for my first ever mt. bike race (11 miles) in Nov.  If you can see the pics, that is my indoor bike riding machine extravaganza. It is a finely tuned piece of  equipment that will serve me well, I'm sure.  It's made of a mt. bike  and a manual treadmill with no straps to keep them together - they just  amazingly fit!  The last image is how the front wheel sits. 

Bi-pedal & walking gadget.jpg IMG00210-20110526-2045.jpg IMG00211-20110526-2215.jpg IMG00213-20110526-2215.jpg
Thought I would only do a 5 min. ride then walk a bit, but ended up I rode 15 minutes on the easiest sprockets (which still caused the sweat to flow) then removed the dual-pedal device from the walking implement
and cooled down for 10 min in a bi-ped fashion. 

My heart rate was lots higher than it has been in quite a while (since I have been pretty much sedentary for quite some time now).  Though I did not time it, it was probably in the neighborhood of 140-150 bpm.  I walked for 5 min before it to slowed down enough I could breathe without making a sucking sound. 

Tomorrow I will be heading away for the weekend, but I will take the dual-pedal device with me (sans walking implement) and do actual road work Sat, Sun, Mon.  Raise your glass to the joys and pains of getting back in shape!!!!

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