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So there you go. Enjoy, or don't, I don't really care. I am having fun.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 3 & 4 - A Day late and a muscle short

Well, I am a day late, but here's what happened on Day 3, May 28, 2011 - It was a good workout.  I rode 20 minutes on land!  None of that mamby pamby "bike-on-a-treadmill-contraption-because-I-don't-have-the-money-to-buy-a-real-one" thing.  I went up hills, down hills, in my nightgown (that last part, untrue). I started at 20 til 7 PM and got back at 8:01 PM, then asked if anyone in the house wanted to go on my 10 minute warm-down walk, and almost got the sister-in-law to go with me, but she longingly looked at the TV and said, "but I wanted to watch this."  I said I'll see you later and took a 12 minute warm-down walk.  I timed it so that when I had walked about 5-6 minutes I turned around and walked the exact same path back. In the route creator part of this Active.com site it's called an Out-and-Back route (for a reason that is so obvious that I would waste valuable resources worldwide explaining said reason); you can create your own here: "activetrainer.com/route-planner" (put " www. " before the " activetrainer " part).  Click the green arrow to start.  Go Crazy folks!
So I was tired and happy and wondered when I was going to injur myself (or my spelling) because I had failed to stretch for the last 3 days.  Well, my answer came the very next day...
Day 4 - I was playing a sort of handball game with my nephew (we hit a tennis ball back and forth with our hands, trying to get a high amount of hits between the two of us before one of us could not hit the ball back to the other - a great game until my aged bones woke up, or rather, gave up).  OK, it actually was the muscles connected to the bones.  As a matter of fact, you will see what I strained/pulled/strained in the pic below (For the prudish, I have decided to NOT show the whole tuckus (YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID TUCKUS!):
So I was actually just standing there at the time, not moving, turning, jumping, acting the fool, when I took a step with my left foot, turned a little to the right and said, "Oh, I've been hit in the... "You'd better not touch, certain areas of your body while you're out there on the football field."" (Just a little Cosby to lighten the mood)  So I said, "OW!" and had to stop the actually fun game with my nephew. I will never look at a tennis ball the same way again. :-(  We were bummed but thought it best to stop if I was going to be able to heal and play with him ever again.  Then I worried about mt. bike training, then I worried about the ACMMBRTB(MBRTB)! Would I ever blog again? 
I really knew I was in trouble when neph and I went to his house to play sitting toss-ball (stand and toss was out of the question at this point, as I am sure you can figure out) then HALO Wars and I wished I had one of those lazy-boy non-recliner type chairs that help you stand up by pushing you slowly to your feet - the whole chair lifts and separates, I mean, gets you to your feet.  Then I wondered what would happen if some mogwai got in the mix?  Then I thought it was silly, no matter what the Thermians say, movies and tv are not historical documentaries.  Maybe I was just getting worried for nothing, what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway so I did not work out today, Sunday, May 29, 2011.
I'll blog again when I am injury free - or at least when training won't cause any injuries to worsen.
Until then, don't eat yellow corn.

Day 2 - More of the same...

OK my 2 bloggees, my extensive training has continued.  Day 2 has brought more of the same as yesterday – exactly the same, in fact – 15 min ride, 10 min walk.  Oi, am I tired!  Thought I was going to just do 10 min ride but my inner competitive child goaded me into 5 more. And my old tired body cried for less!  Oh, the pain/tiredness this time just about kept me from rounding that last bend (which I do a 2 min sprint at the end just to really get my blood muscle feeling like an over-filled water balloon – ready to burst)!

Well, did it and not sure if I regret it yet, but I did feel some soreness in me bum and muscles that were a little tighter today since yesterday.  I haven’t got a scale, but I am going to see if my regime will help shed the pounds, to get me back to my rock climbing weight to height ratio, you know, 10 lbs for every foot.   Me being 5’6” and 150 lbs.means I will have to lose 95 lbs by November to be at that ideal weight to height ratio   OK. So I guess it’s good I am not training for climbing!

Anyway, my knees hurt, my muscles are starting to ache, and I am training to do the second half of a race that is a 5K run/11 mile mt. bike ride.  My race partner (let's call him McG), hasn't started training yet.  Maybe this blog will put some fire under his patootie.  YEAH, I SAID IT, PATOOTIE!!!

So, the pic below is what I am taking to the race – What it is, what it is sitting on, and why it might be there?  The prize if you win? You get a third day of blogging! “Oh, Martha, let’s figure this out so he will keep up his nonsensical blogospheric ramblings. HE UNDERSTANDS US!


Also enjoy the videos of me demonstrating the proper way to use the dual-pedal/bi-ped machine. Sorry, didn't have time to edit them.


Until next time, may the winds be at your back, especially if you are peeing.


DAY 1 - Indoor Bike Riding at its finest

[ORIGINALLY POSTED THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011] OK, well, I had my first day of training for my first ever mt. bike race (11 miles) in Nov.  If you can see the pics, that is my indoor bike riding machine extravaganza. It is a finely tuned piece of  equipment that will serve me well, I'm sure.  It's made of a mt. bike  and a manual treadmill with no straps to keep them together - they just  amazingly fit!  The last image is how the front wheel sits. 

Bi-pedal & walking gadget.jpg IMG00210-20110526-2045.jpg IMG00211-20110526-2215.jpg IMG00213-20110526-2215.jpg
Thought I would only do a 5 min. ride then walk a bit, but ended up I rode 15 minutes on the easiest sprockets (which still caused the sweat to flow) then removed the dual-pedal device from the walking implement
and cooled down for 10 min in a bi-ped fashion. 

My heart rate was lots higher than it has been in quite a while (since I have been pretty much sedentary for quite some time now).  Though I did not time it, it was probably in the neighborhood of 140-150 bpm.  I walked for 5 min before it to slowed down enough I could breathe without making a sucking sound. 

Tomorrow I will be heading away for the weekend, but I will take the dual-pedal device with me (sans walking implement) and do actual road work Sat, Sun, Mon.  Raise your glass to the joys and pains of getting back in shape!!!!