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So there you go. Enjoy, or don't, I don't really care. I am having fun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DAY 5 & 6

For those of you who are not my 2 regular bloggees, and have not read my other blog up to day 4, here's what you missed:

1) On Nov 13 I am entering a race, with my friend McG, that has two parts - a 5 K (his forte) and an 11 mile mt bike race (not my forte, but what I want to do)
2) We are both overweight and plan on working on that as we work on our race abilities
3) I created a contraption from a mt. bike and a manual treadmill
4) My wife and mother-in-law said they wanted video of me crashing so they could pay my dr. bills after they won the $100,000 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos
5) I rode that contraption successfully 2 days in a row, 15 min each (tough ride, but who's laughing now?)
6) After each 15 min ride I dismantled the Dual-Pedal/Bi-Ped machine and walked a 10 min cool down
7) Day 3 of my training I rode on real road, up hill, down hill, in my nightgown (forget it if you don't get it)
8) Day 4 my age caught up with me (41) and pulled a muscle or something wile standing still
9) So that's what you missed on !
Now to continue CMMBRTB(MBRTB) by starting CMMBRTB2(MBRTB2):

I went to the dr. yesterday (day 6) and he thinks it's a pinched nerve in lower back.  He did this test where I sit on that table with paper towels spread across it (so if you gotta go nude you don't share anything) and I held my left leg up, pointed toward the door, then flexed my foot toward my shin.  OH THAT SHIN HURT!!  I MEAN IT HURT!!  So he really thought it was nerve because flexing caused pain to shoot through the area above my gluteous maximus that was pulled or whatever (slly blog dictionary doesn't know gluteous maximus.  FINE, ABOVE MY LEFT BUTT CHEEK!!! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID BUTT CHEEK!!!) (oh, by the by, after a while the red underline goes away and it no longer is wrong.  I think it happens as you type further below the incorrectly spelled words - fyi).Anyway, he had me take x-rays on the new fandangled thang that puts it directly on a giant computer card thing that is the "film" and you download it to a computer then use the card again!! AWESOME!! REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE!! Greenpeace will be happy with that, but PETA probably won't because I heard the x-ray people tested the technology on naked mole rats. That's what I heard.

So doc said he could see nothing in the bones that indicate anything, and he gave me hydrocodone and muscle relaxer.  I never made it back to work that day.  The 'H' knocked me out.  I have since come back to work, and even today, I took 2 during work hours (6 hrs apart, of course) which inevitably required me to take 4 or 5 20-second naps.  Man, what crazy drugs people make.  It also drys out my mouth - no spittin' contests for me in the near future.

OK, done with these last two days of bloggin', I'll write again in a day or two.

Until then, may the Good Lord keep you safe as you do stupid things so you have a chance to tell others not to do those stupid things.