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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2 - More of the same...

OK my 2 bloggees, my extensive training has continued.  Day 2 has brought more of the same as yesterday – exactly the same, in fact – 15 min ride, 10 min walk.  Oi, am I tired!  Thought I was going to just do 10 min ride but my inner competitive child goaded me into 5 more. And my old tired body cried for less!  Oh, the pain/tiredness this time just about kept me from rounding that last bend (which I do a 2 min sprint at the end just to really get my blood muscle feeling like an over-filled water balloon – ready to burst)!

Well, did it and not sure if I regret it yet, but I did feel some soreness in me bum and muscles that were a little tighter today since yesterday.  I haven’t got a scale, but I am going to see if my regime will help shed the pounds, to get me back to my rock climbing weight to height ratio, you know, 10 lbs for every foot.   Me being 5’6” and 150 lbs.means I will have to lose 95 lbs by November to be at that ideal weight to height ratio   OK. So I guess it’s good I am not training for climbing!

Anyway, my knees hurt, my muscles are starting to ache, and I am training to do the second half of a race that is a 5K run/11 mile mt. bike ride.  My race partner (let's call him McG), hasn't started training yet.  Maybe this blog will put some fire under his patootie.  YEAH, I SAID IT, PATOOTIE!!!

So, the pic below is what I am taking to the race – What it is, what it is sitting on, and why it might be there?  The prize if you win? You get a third day of blogging! “Oh, Martha, let’s figure this out so he will keep up his nonsensical blogospheric ramblings. HE UNDERSTANDS US!


Also enjoy the videos of me demonstrating the proper way to use the dual-pedal/bi-ped machine. Sorry, didn't have time to edit them.


Until next time, may the winds be at your back, especially if you are peeing.


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  1. First of all, I like the black socks you are wearing for training.

    Second ... was it rat patootie? Because that does NOT sound delicious?